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Mayonnaise d’Avocat


My mother-in-law just sent a wonderful book, Cuisinez Gourmand Sans Gluten, Sans Lait, Sans Oeufs… by Valerie Cupillard. It appears to have a lot of very useful advice about gluten, dairy and egg free cooking. The first recipe to catch my eye is this one for avocado mayonnaise. In French, mayonnaise can refer to anything that has a mayonnaise like consistency in addition to referring to mayonnaise. For example, the original name for Chocolate Mousse was Mayonnaise au Chocolat. I would describe this avocado mayonnaise as tasting more like guacamole than mayonnaise, but having a definite mayonnaise consistency. We used it tonight as a dressing for leftover sliced chicken that I fried in olive oil to reheat (no FODMAPs, so no onion or garlic, although avocado can be a problem for some). Cupillard recommends adding spices of your choice to vary this mayonnaise (curry, paprika…) according to your tastes.

1 avocado
1 tsp lemon juice
2 pinches salt
6 TBS water (I left this out)

I threw the ingredients (except the water) into the food processor and blended them until smooth. Then I decided that mayonnaise usually has a bit of mustard and oil in it, so I added:

1 tsp lemon juice (again)
1 TBS mustard
3 TBS olive oil (add slowly while the food processor is running)

Then I ran the food processor again until it was a lovely smooth consistency.

It was a gorgeous color and quite tasty and simple to make. I think I may try making some with wasabi next time. It is the right color for wasabi and P loves wasabi mayonnaise.