Bibliophiles' Lunch

Sisters share paleo recipes, books, and DIY


I’m Rebecca and I’m a bibliophile, a sewist, and now a paleo eater.  I began eating a paleo diet after reading The Migraine Miracle, by Josh Turknet, MD.  Doctor Turknet advocates eating a very low carb “ancestral” diet to prevent blood sugar and insulin swings triggering migraines.  He allows dairy on his diet and I was initially thrilled to have a migraine diet that allowed milk and cheese (my favorite foods!).  Unfortunately, dairy is one of my problem foods, so this didn’t work for me.  I began to research paleo eating on the internet and found Sarah Ballantyne, PhD whose wonderful site is full of scientific information, yummy recipes and inspiration.  I have started this blog to keep track of the paleo recipes I make and to try a greater variety of foods and recipes.  I love French cooking and will try to find much of my inspiration there with adjustments for paleo.  The French do eat a wider variety of offal and meats in general than Americans.  They also eat lots of vegetables.  I love the French approach to cooking and truly savoring your food at meal times.

The picture is of a sparrow working on a French fry on the terrace of a poutine restaurant in Montreal.


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