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Sarah Ballantyne’s Carrot “Tabouleh”


I had accepted never eating tabouleh again, but Sarah Ballantyne’s recipe from The Paleo Approach Cookbook p 315 has some of the same flavors–parsley, mint, lemon–as well as a nice crunch.  It is a really gorgeous color because I used a variety of colors of carrot for this.  In the past I had always shredded carrots for carrot salads, but this recipe has you put large carrot chunks into the food processor with the regular blade in the bowl, which turns them into crunchy bits reminiscent of tabouleh.  I threw the carrots into the food processor and pulverized them then added the herbs, raisins, and dressing and pulsed to mix.  Easy, beautiful and delicious! The Paleo Approach Cookbook, by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD.

This is the second time I have tried the recipe.  Last time I made it I didn’t have mint or raisins on hand so I used apricots and extra parsley.  That was good, but the mint really brings it closer to the flavor of the real thing.  I really like this salad as a change from the usual leafy greens. Great recipe, definitely worth trying.

I look forward to trying this technique with a variety of veggies to create different kinds of salads.


4 thoughts on “Sarah Ballantyne’s Carrot “Tabouleh”

  1. That is beautiful! I must try it. I have been missing tabouleh since switching to the paleo diet. I am sorry that I will probably have to avoid the raisins, but I think they are too sweet for me to want to risk.


  2. I think it would be great without the raisins.


  3. Did I tell you I have now made this twice. It is really good!


  4. I have also made it several times already. It is really good and has a satisfying crunch.


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